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Rebecca and Mark, Ellenborough Park, 7th June

Rebecca and Mark, Ellenborough Park, 7th June
Adam Drake


Rebecca and Mark’s wedding took place on 7th June and Ellenborough Park. The couple first met at a gym and had been together for 5 years before getting engaged. Mark proposed to Rebecca at their house on 11th December and left the ring in the Christmas tree for her to find whilst decorating.

Ellenborough_Park_Wedding_Photography_0001 Ellenborough_Park_Wedding_Photography_0002 Ellenborough_Park_Wedding_Photography_0003 Ellenborough_Park_Wedding_Photography_0004 Ellenborough_Park_Wedding_Photography_0005 Ellenborough_Park_Wedding_Photography_0006 Ellenborough_Park_Wedding_Photography_0007 Ellenborough_Park_Wedding_Photography_0008

Rebecca tried on 12 dresses before making the decision that she wanted her own design, and then got one made from scratch. It came from The White Room in Minchinhampton. The groom’s suit was chosen by the man himself from Next. We had white roses in the bouquet and we chose this colour to go with our theme and they are also my favourite flowers Ellenborough_Park_Wedding_Photography_0009 Ellenborough_Park_Wedding_Photography_0010 Ellenborough_Park_Wedding_Photography_0011 Ellenborough_Park_Wedding_Photography_0012 Ellenborough_Park_Wedding_Photography_0013 Ellenborough_Park_Wedding_Photography_0030 Ellenborough_Park_Wedding_Photography_0014 The cake was amazing! Jenny made it at Curtis and Co and we designed it ourselves. Ellenborough_Park_Wedding_Photography_0015 Ellenborough_Park_Wedding_Photography_0016 Ellenborough_Park_Wedding_Photography_0017 Ellenborough_Park_Wedding_Photography_0018 Ellenborough_Park_Wedding_Photography_0019 Ellenborough_Park_Wedding_Photography_0020 Ellenborough_Park_Wedding_Photography_0021 Ellenborough_Park_Wedding_Photography_0022 Their first dance was to the song Crazy Love by Audra Mae, which means a lot to them as it’s from their favourite film. The ceremony was their favourite part of the day, and Rebecca’s sister Katie, and cousin Charity, sang Songbird during the ceremony which was very special to the couple. Ellenborough_Park_Wedding_Photography_0032 The couple’s advice to future brides and grooms is just relax and enjoy yourself! Ellenborough_Park_Wedding_Photography_0030 Ellenborough_Park_Wedding_Photography_0029 Ellenborough_Park_Wedding_Photography_0028 Ellenborough_Park_Wedding_Photography_0027 Ellenborough_Park_Wedding_Photography_0026 Ellenborough_Park_Wedding_Photography_0025 Ellenborough_Park_Wedding_Photography_0024  

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